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Mai taiThis is my blog, and I write it. There are no ghost writers. I don’t accept “sponsored content” that is really a disguised “advertorial.” If I am quoting from a public relations release or other material provided to me by someone else, I’ll tell you and show it is a quote. I cite my sources. Where appropriate, I thank my inspiration. Guest posts will be clearly attributed to their authors. Copyright will be acknowledged. The wild west of the internet is over, dude.

Integrity means transparency. If I am an affiliate or otherwise compensated for a referral, I’ll tell you. If I receive a free product to review, the review will say so. I will disclose my relationships and affiliations relevant to this blog. (By the way, in the United States the FTC–Federal Trade Commission–requires disclosure of any affiliation with a brand, product, etc. on any social media post, regardless of the platform. That disclosure is required to be prominent and easy to understand, AND on the page where the content/post appears–it’s not enough to have a generic disclaimer page. The same is true of affiliate links, which have to be identified. As a reader and consumer, you have the right to know–and yet I bet you follow plenty of people who don’t.)

My pledge: I will only promote products and services that I would back with my own personal reputation.

Potter bagIntegrity means honesty. I won’t lie to you, and I won’t stand for anyone lying to (or about!) me. If I review a product, service, or event it is because I used it, tried it, or attended it. If it’s a book, I’ve read it (or I am reading it). Positive reviews are not for sale, they must be earned by merit. If I don’t love it, I won’t say I do Trust matters.

Science: it works, bitches. (I read it on XKCD.) Otherwise known as “no fake news here.” That’s why I do my best to research before writing about fitness and nutrition, so I can present the most current state of knowledge of the topic I’m discussing.  That’s professional. I will not repeat junk science or promote a product, service, or event that relies on it. I’m not a scientist, but I will do my best (and you’re encouraged to help!). I will seek out peer-reviewed research publications wherever possible. And hey, my post supporting GMO labeling? I totally take it back. YMMV.

Critical thinking: you should do some. Disagree with my Rollconclusions? Find a flaw in my logic? Not sure about a source I’m citing? Do your own research. Try it out for yourself. Make up your own mind. I’ll approve your dissenting, thoughtful comments.  Find a peer reviewed research study where I said there wasn’t one?  Tell me! I want to hear about it.

Hate isn’t welcome here. Feel free to debate ideas and to disagree. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or share my tastes. Personal attacks are not okay. A free exchange of ideas is!

The Bottom Line: I am responsible for what you read here, love it or not.

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General Disclosures (updated 3/17/2020):

  • Run Gum #RunSquad
  • Lebert Fitness Ambassador
  • Heart Zones Ambassador
  • FNX Ambassador Group

In addition, I participate in fitness professional discount programs offered by Prana, and Athleta; I also have a love for EnergyBits (discount code BAIN–save 20% on any Bits)

Previous affiliations:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, Rock ‘n’ Blog Team 2015-2017
  • Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, Official Blogger 2017, 2019
  • Represent Running Ambassador Team, 2014-106
  • Health Warrior Ambassador, 2016-2018
  • Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon Ambassador, 2016
  • Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon Ambassador, 2017
  • Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon Blogger, 2017
  • Represent Running “Run the Bay” series Ambassador, 2016 & 2017
  • BibRave Pro, 2014-16
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll series: Rock ‘n’ Blog, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Nuun #Nuunbassador, 2015 & 2017
  • Berkeley Half Marathon Ambassador, 2014
  • Siggi’s Culture Club, 2014
  • Women’s Health Magazine “Action Hero” 2012-2014
  • Former Independent BeachBody Coach

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