Live Your Best Life, Right Now

Live your best life–whatever that means to you–right now.

Life is precious and short, and the time to do that crazy, wonderful, impossible thing is


October is almost over! What are you doing for Movember? My suggestion is to join the Couch to Active community in a 30-day November challenge. Use code BAIN2021 to save $10 on the Couch to Active walking and movement challenge. You can join by clicking here.

If you’ve moved from working in an office to working at home, you’re probably moving less. Non-exercise movement matters! Increasing that non-exercise movement–or adding in walking as exercise–can make you feel better and move better. (Did you know that walking counts as legit exercise? True story!)

Coming soon: health and well-being coaching for individuals and groups. As previously noted, I took the NBHWC board exam in October. For a long, complicated reason that has to do with ensuring validity of the testing protocols and questions on a relatively new exam, I get my results in DECEMBER. Oh yes, I have to wait six more weeks before I can (hopefully) tell you that I’m a board certified health and wellness coach! After years of training and certification from Coach U, ACE, and YogaMedCo I felt good about my exam performance, and I’m ready to help you step it up. Looking at 2022? Consider hiring me as your health coach! Whether you want to make a three-month plan or just get some help with your wellness in the upcoming week, I can help!

What else am I doing? Be sure to follow my shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram, so you can be the very first to know. I’ll definitely be at the Chicago Marathon, running for Team Imerman Angels. I’m on the fence about doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour Pass. What are your thoughts?

I remain exceedingly thankful for my family, my life of relative comfort, and my health.