Live Your Best Life, Right Now

Live your best life–whatever that means to you–right now.

Life is precious and short, and the time to do that crazy, wonderful, impossible thing is


How about that COVID-19 Global Pandemic??  Here in the United States we are FINALLY moving out of pandemic phase (where health care resources are in super short supply and many people are becoming critically ill) to an endemic one (where we have a greater variety of science-backed treatments, and common sense precautions and updated vaccinations offer the best protection moving forward). Due in part to the unavailabiity of vaccines in many parts of the world, the COVID-19 virus will continue to mutate and serve up new variants for us to combat. Please, please, please don’t forget that your immunocompromised friends are at a higher risk of contracting COVID and becoming seriously ill–they are relying on all of us to make good choices. If you’re sick, please stay home. If you’re sick and you must go to work, wash your hands, keep your distance, and wear a mask in social situtions. 

What’s your life like post-pandemic? If you’ve moved from working in an office to working at home like I have, you’re probably moving less. I mean, the kitchen and the bathroom are closer, and you can probably do many things by teleconference or videoconference. Don’t forget that non-exercise movement matters! Increasing that non-exercise movement can make you feel better and move better. 

Did you suffer with COVID-19? This particular virus has affected people in a wild variety of ways, affecting multiple systems in the body and leaving even the most fit groups of people with long-term effects. There are marathon runners and other competitive athletes who were completely disabled (and some still are). I’m fortunate that I was fully vaccinated before COVID-19 caught up with me, and I did not get sick enough to require hospitalization. Unfortunately I was not eligible for Paxlovid at the time and many of the other effective at-home treatments did not yet exist. I’m still coughing (though less than I used to cough–and I’ll take improvement). My road back to total health is a slow, long one.

Coming in 2023: my first health and well-being coaching group program. I’d hoped to launch in 2022, but COVID. With training and certification from Coach U, ACE, and YogaMedCo and passing the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching board exam in fall 2021, I’m finally ready to help you define your best life and support you as you take steps in that direction.

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I remain exceedingly thankful for my family, the cats that have blessed my life, the ability to cover my own basic needs (shelther, food, water, social connection), and the ability to give back to others.