Come join me for my next two runs: Run 10 Feed 10 (Sunday, October 26 in San Francisco) and the Berkeley Half Marathon (Sunday, November 9)!

Run 10 Feed 10 San Francisco is one of the three races in the Run 10 Feed 10 series.  There are also a series of fun runs and the option to “run your own” as a virtual 10k. The series, presented by Women’s Health Magazine, raises funds to solve the world’s most solvable problem: childhood hunger. Children who come to school hungry have a hard time focusing and fall behind in school.  Some researchers are exploring the connection between childhood food insecurity and adult obesity–because how your nourish your body as a child affects your body’s systems as an adult. Kids can’t help themselves, but we can help kids; and the FEED Foundation’s partnerships with locally-rooted non-profit organizations stretch your dollars even more than you could.  Every registration automatically pays for 10 meals.  You can also fundraise or make a donation. (Both are optional, but every dollar counts.) You can donate to my fundraiser here (click): Run 10 Feed 10 Registration; and use promo code WHBAIN

If you’re not registered to run the Berkeley Half Marathon, why not? Go register! You can even save a few bucks using my ambassador code BHM2014ELIZABETH All of the details are at The Berkeley Half Marathon home page;  This year (the race’s second) the course will go through the UC Berkeley campus (or “the Cal campus,” for those of you who grew up around here). The course map is online, along with the elevation profile (two mini hills and then a nice flat piece). It’s a back-of-the-packer-friendly race, with four hours to finish (that a pace of over 18 minutes per mile–much more generous than the Disney runs). A portion of your entry fee supports the Berkeley Public Schools Fund, and if last year was any indication, it’s going to be a great run! Last year we had gorgeous weather, and seriously who doesn’t love a race that ends in a beer garden?  (Right, I know, I don’t drink beer.  But still, it’s the idea!)

If you ran the San Francisco Half as well, you have special bling waiting for you at the finish line:

Berkeley half medal

Would you like to run the Berkeley Half Marathon?  I’ve got ONE race entry.  The prize is ONE half marathon entry only (no travel, no lodging, no other promises). The winner will receive a code to register for the race for free!

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    • admin Reply

      I’ve wanted to run the Giant Race and never gotten to do it…two years that I signed up, I was actually too sick the day of the race to run! I love the medal designs though, and my friends who have run the race give it a good review.

    • Great timing! I was firguing out my schedule for the year my first sprint triathlon in August, the Nike Women’s half in October and then I wanted a new challenge to round out the year, and was considering the Malibu Spartan Race

  1. I love Spartan Races above other mud runs because of the cottmeipive nature. I love the strength related obstacles and the fact that you can’t just walk around an obstacle if you don’t want to to do it. I love being pushed and pushing myself beyond my limits.

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